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HC explains on what grounds invocation of a bank guarantee can be restrained

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Whereas, a performance bond is an assurance given by an institution to compensate the beneficiary for their losses due to faulty products or services provided by the applicant. To apply for a bank guarantee, you can physically approach the bank, talk to its representative about your requirements or do so online if such a facility exists. They will then ask you to fill up a form wherein you will have to provide details such as the nature of the guarantee like the time duration as well as conditions in which it can be invoked etc.

Some of these are banks, NBFCs, investment companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies and trust corporations. Mr. X contracts with Mr. Y to complete the project within a stipulated time. In addition, Mr. Y must furnish a financial bank guarantee so that if the project is not completed within said time, they can recover the loss incurred by Mr. X.

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Apart from that, the amendment in Section 14 of the Code made it clear that declaration or provisions of moratorium shall not apply to a surety under a contract of guarantee. While the amendment cleared the uncertainty regarding the invocation of third-party guarantees during the existence of the moratorium, the ambiguity regarding the parties in dispute continued to exist for a long time till recently. Advance Payment Guarantees issued by the banks on behalf of their customer . Under this guarantee, the bank has to discharge the financial liability , if the contract is partly or fully not performed by the customer. Retention money is a part of the amount payable to the contractor, is retained and payable at the end after successful completion of the contract. Retention Money guarantee is issued to ensure that retention money withheld by the beneficiary is released to the applicant so that he gets sufficient working capital to complete the contract.

payment guarantee

A shareholders‘ agreement outlines the internal management framework of the company to effectively protect the overall interest of shareholders by setting out their rights and obligations. Where guarantees are invoked, payment should be made to the beneficiaries without delay and demur. Therefore it has proposed to balance that loss by increasing the bank guarantee to 40% of the premium. The overseas banks usually lend the importer based on the letter of comfort issued by the importer’s bank. A bank guarantee gives you extra authority when dealing with suppliers, and may allow you to avoid having to pay a substantial deposit.

The time duration can be from three months to 10 years, whereas the conditions depend on the nature of the contract. We will talk about the different types of bank guarantees along with their respective terms and conditions further in this article. The process of obtaining a bank guarantee is simple since all the leading banks and lending financial institutions provide this facility. Moreover, you are more likely to receive a bank guarantee from a bank where you already have an account or conduct regular transactions of any kind. The two types of bank guarantees are performance guarantees and financial guarantees. Another key difference between bank guarantees and letters of credit lies in the parties that use them.

Advantages of Bank Guarantees

A Bank Guarantee is such an instrument that has evolved for securing payments with respect to commercial transactions. Under Section 126 of The Indian Contract Act, 1872, a ‘Contract of guarantee’ is a contract to perform the promise, or discharge the liability, of a third person in case of his default. In the case of a Bank Guarantee, a bank, who is the guarantor, undertakes or guarantees to pay the beneficiary an amount of money as specified in the guarantee if the original contract’s debtor fails to adhere to his contractual obligations. A bank guarantee is a contract wherein the bank, as a financial institution, promises to repay or compensate an amount to a creditor or lender on behalf of a debtor or borrower. In simpler words, if a debtor fails to repay an amount or fulfill the obligations, the bank will step into its shoes and fulfill the demands of the creditor.

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Once all of the criteria have been met, the banking officials will issue the appropriate approvals for the BG processing. Banks should refrain from issuing guarantees on behalf of customers who do not enjoy credit facilities with them. Moreover, banks should, while forwarding guarantees, caution the beneficiaries that they should, verify the genuineness of the guarantee with the issuing bank. If you have any further questions on this or any other subject related to bank guarantees, then you cansearch our frequently asked questionswhere you will hopefully find the answer you are looking for. Bank Guarantees are issued for varying purposes, such as payment guarantees for customs and shipping guarantees. Therefore, each different guarantee will follow an exact format relating to their specific purpose.

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Applicant reaches out to a financial institution to issue a bank guarantee to the creditor. Since guarantees are legally binding, the strength of the contract itself is important. Many financial institutions use standard language in their guarantees, language that has been vetted by legal counsel to reduce this risk. Direct security, there is still a residual amount of credit outstanding; this is where indirect security comes in, and guarantees are the most popular form of indirect security for most financial institutions. A guarantee is a legally binding agreement signed by a guarantor, on behalf of a borrower.

On the off chance that A doesn’t finish the undertaking on schedule and doesn’t repay B for the misfortune, B can guarantee the misfortune from the saved money with the bank guarantee given. These guarantees are given for the performance of an agreement or a commitment. In the event that, there is a default in the performance, non-performance, or short performance of an agreement, the recipient’s misfortune will be made acceptable by the bank. Also, a huge producer of furniture wishes to go into an agreement with a little woodshop merchant. The huge maker will require the little seller to give a bank ensure prior to going into an agreement for Rs.50 lakh worth of wood material. For this situation, the enormous producer is the recipient who requires assurance prior to going into an agreement.

Letter of guarantee cancellation and refund procedure

The crude material seller requires the Xyz organization to give a bank assurance to cover installments before they transport the crude material to the Xyz organization. Xyz organization demands and gets assurance from the loaning foundation keeping its money accounts. In the event that the Xyz organization defaults in installment, the seller can recuperate it from the bank. Mr. Nitin Hasmukhlal Parikh v. Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited & Ors. The Hon’ble Tribunal observed that there is a clear distinction between both the guarantees. During the existence of a moratorium, the Corporate Debtor is not entitled to invoke bank guarantees other than those which fall within the ambit of performance guarantee.

On the other hand, a meaning of bank guarantee guarantee promises that if the applicant fails to pay the amount under contract or does not fulfill the performance criteria, the bank will pay the amount to the beneficiary. Thus, in a bank guarantee liability of the banker is secondary and arises only on the applicant’s failure. Thus, after the buyer accepts the services or goods, the bank makes the payment to the seller based on a letter of credit, and the amount paid is recovered by the bank later along with applicable bank guarantee fee.

Various types of guarantees are issued by the banks on behalf of their customers. Bank Guarantees is also known as Letter of Guarantees which can be broadly classified as Financial Guarantees and Performance guarantees. In most cases, the bank will only take action if the buyer fails to repay their debt or meet their obligation. It’s unlikely for a bank to step in after a single late payment or delay in the project. With a letter of credit, however, the buyer or seller will make an initial claim to the bank. Once the bank guarantee has been created, it will include a specific amount and a set time period.

That is to say, if a debtor does not pay, the Bank will pick up the tab. Guarantees from banks allow customers to make purchases such as equipment purchases and loan withdrawals. The petitioner was awarded a contract for supply of conductor and related accessories to the respondent No. 1 pursuant to a global tender floated by the latter.

While bank guarantees can be of two types- finance guarantee and performance guarantee, banks are advised to approve financial guarantees in most cases, and performance guarantees selectively. Guarantees help protect international trade relationships by mitigating risks if a contract falls through, suppliers don’t perform according to a contract’s terms, or a buyer won’t pay for goods. While bank guarantees are not common in the U.S., you should be able to get a similar guarantee via a standby letter of credit. Bank Guarantee a promise made by the bank to any third person to undertake the payment risk on behalf of its customers. Bank guarantee is given on a contractual obligation between the bank and its customers.

Bank guarantees are normally used by contractors who bid on large projects. By providing a bank guarantee, the contractor provides proof of its financial credibility. In essence, the guarantee assures the entity behind the project it is financially stable enough to take it on from beginning to end. While letters of credit are primarily used in global transactions, bank guarantees are often used in real estate contracts and infrastructure projects.

By an order dated 10th May, 2021 a learned Single Judge restrained the respondent No. 2 from making any payment under a bank guarantee invoked by the respondent No. 1. The said order was modified on 18th May, 2021 by another Learned Judge confirming the interim order of injunction and further restraining the respondent No. 1 from encashing the bank guarantee. The letter of invocation was stayed and the petitioner was given the liberty of producing a copy of the order before the respondent No. 2 in their seats at Kolkata and Dhaka. The petitioner and the respondent No. 2 have filed their respective affidavits thereafter.

LOC is issued by the bank when the buyer requests his bank to make payment to the seller on the receipt of certain goods or services. That is, when the buyer runs into cash flow difficulties or similar situations and thus cannot make immediate payment to the seller, he will approach his bank to make the payment to the seller on submission of certain documents. It would be evident from the transaction that the petitioner, the respondent no.1 and Citibank NA, Kolkata (respondent no.2) treated Citibank NA Bangladesh at Dhaka as an overseas office of Citibank NA, Kolkata. Citibank NA carries on business from different offices in India including the one at Kolkata. The application for bank guarantee was made by the petitioner on 2nd November, 2015 at Citibank NA in Kolkata whereupon Citibank from its office at Kolkata issued a Standby Letter of Credit in favour of Citibank at Dhaka.

A bank guarantee is a promise from a bank or other lending institution that if a particular borrower defaults, the bank will cover the loss. A bank guarantee is similar to but not the same as a letter of credit. Lending institutions provide bank guarantees as a kind of financial insurance as a guarantor. It indicates that the lender will guarantee that a debtor’s obligations will be satisfied thanks to the bank guarantee.

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For instance, a defaulter’s creditworthiness is not very promising, so the lenders may avoid such a debtor out of the fear of losing their money. Creditworthiness applies to people, sovereign states, securities, and other entities whereby the creditors will analyze your creditworthiness before getting a new loan. A bank guarantee provides financial security to the beneficiary, encouraging them to enter contracts with the applicant without worrying about financial loss, as a bank guarantee assures them. An export letter of credit lets the buyer’s bank know it must pay the seller, provided all the conditions of the contract are met.

After the bank determines that the applicant is creditworthy and has a reasonable risk, a monetary limit is placed on the agreement. An irrevocable letter of credit ensures the buyer is obligated to the seller. She has 20+ years of experience covering personal finance, wealth management, and business news.

The clauses in the contract and more particularly the GCC clearly demonstrate that the bank guarantee was furnished towards performance security. There can be no issue with regard to performance since the petitioner has already received 90% of the contract price as discussed above. The invocation letter also demonstrates that there cannot be any performance issue with regard to the supplies effected by the petitioner.

  • The guarantee required by the Mill is a finacial guarantee similar to advance payment guarantee.
  • In the past, various tribunals and courts have expressed their diverse views regarding the invocation of PBG and NPBG after the declaration of a moratorium.
  • The confusion was resolved by the amendment act of 2018 and subsequent pronouncements reiterating the report of the Insolvency Law Committee.
  • It is evident from the aforesaid pronouncements that there were inconsistencies and diversity amongst the Adjudicating Authorities regarding the enforcement of bank guarantees.
  • A bank guarantee may also be called a standby letter of credit or be referred to as a bond.

On the basis of such Standby Letter of Credit, Citibank NA, Dhaka issued a Performance Security in the form of a bank guarantee, as the overseas office of Citibank NA, Kolkata. In the present case, the Contract between the parties does not provide for a seat or a place outside India. Since the Contract or the GCC does not exclude the applicability of Part I or Section 9 of the Act, this court would have jurisdiction to try and decide the present application filed under Section 9 of the Act. The wide and unfettered powers of a court under Section 9 has been reiterated in countless decisions of the Supreme Court and the High Courts. Section 2 as amended by the amendment of 2016, closes the loops for a party to object to interim measures under Section 9 unless the parties have specifically and unequivocally agreed to exclude the operation of Part-I of the Act. The issue of maintainability of the arbitration petition was also considered by the learned Single Judge on 18th May, 2021 and the order of injunction was confirmed and extended to the respondent no.1 despite such objection.

  • Hence in order to seek an order of injunction, and in the event such injunction is granted, to be effective, respondent no. 2 has been made a party to the proceedings and relief sought against it.
  • Bank guarantees are just like any other kind of financial instrument—they can take on a variety of different forms.
  • Banks can be extremely strict when appraising a company’s financial situation.
  • Without ILA, it would be easy for a guarantor that is not involved in the business to, after the fact, make a very compelling legal case that they didn’t really understand what they were signing.
  • As soon as the applicant pays his/her dues to the seller within the stipulated time frame, the bank guarantee becomes null and void.
  • In comparison, a bank guarantee happens if the lending financial institution performs as a guarantor and assures to pay the losses if the borrower fails.

This assurance assists an organization with buying things that it customarily proved unable, consequently assisting business with developing and advancing pioneering action. This guarantee assures timely delivery of goods or performance of services according to a contract. Monetary compensation of will be made by the bank in case of any delay in performance of services or operation of the contract. A direct BG is one where a bank is asked to provide a guarantee by its account holder, in favour of the beneficiary.


Though the Hon’ble Tribunal, in this case, reiterated the correct position of law, it did not take into consideration the amended provision of Section 14. The Code also provides a step-by-step procedure that needs to be followed by the parties, insolvency professionals, and the Hon’ble Adjudicating Authority after the admission of aforesaid applications by the Hon’ble Adjudicating Authority. One of such requirements is to declare a moratorium against the Corporate Debtor.

FinancesFinance is a broad term that essentially refers to money management or channeling money for various purposes. Letters of credit, on the other hand, are commonly used by companies that regularly import and export goods. Full BioAmy is an ACA and the CEO and founder of OnPoint Learning, a financial training company delivering training to financial professionals. She has nearly two decades of experience in the financial industry and as a financial instructor for industry professionals and individuals. Our experts suggest the best funds and you can get high returns by investing directly or through SIP. Download Black by ClearTax App to file returns from your mobile phone.

LOC is by and large misconstrued as BG since they share some normal qualities. The two of them assume a huge part in exchange financing when the gatherings to the exchanges don’t have set up the business connections. The bank will later recuperate the sum paid from the purchaser alongside the required charges. Then again, under BG, the bank is needed to make an installment to the outsider provided that the candidate neglects to make the installment to the outsider or doesn’t satisfy the necessary commitments under the agreement. For the most part, BG charges depend on the danger expected by the bank in every exchange.

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